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The True Power of Dropbox

You may have heard of Dropbox or even have a free version right now. If you are in business and your files are important to you I highly recommend you stop what your doing and get Dropbox now. If you want to learn a little more first, then keep reading and I will explain how we use Dropbox in our business with our clients.

I am not going to get into every details as the Dropbox website does a great job of that on its own. I am going to give you a breakdown how we use Dropbox to save time, money and frustration!

Quick, Secure, Automatic File Storage

For those of you still fighting with external hard drives to back-up all your data you know how unpleasant it can be. You take time out of every day to backup to a box right next to your computer in case anything happens to your computer. Not only is it time consuming if you actually do it everyday, but it is not fully secured from fire or crashes and not easily automated.

With Dropbox we save every file for every project in our Dropbox. We use this as our main starting folder for our entire computer file hierarchy. When ever we make edits, create new files or even create an entire website the files are backed up automatically to the Dropbox cloud. Now in case of a computer crash all we need to do is download our Dropbox and we are running full speed ahead with no file loss.

Get Dropbox Now

Part Two Sharing With our Clients - Coming Soon!


The Power of Web Simplicity

When we set out to create a new company site for Wild Wing & I Hear Ya we started with a simple strategy... Keep the site clean and simple. Based on past site analysis we found the 78% of time spent on our site by visitors was used to view our portfolio section. Knowing this information we wanted to make viewing our portfolio front and center for anyone who enters our site. We have reduced the amount of time visitors spend viewing our entire portfolio by more then half.

We found from our stats that the next order of page views were contact, services and about. We wanted to make it easy for visitors to get a quick snapshot of our business and contact us with ease. To accomplish this we place everything on the main page a detailed footer section. Now when a visitor enters our site they can view all our work, read about us, learn what we offer and even submit a contact form without leaving the first page.

We like talking to people, sitting down and having a good business discussion. Our website helps get us in the door with new and exciting opportunities and we help do the same for you!

We are now in the live testing phase with our site and are always measuring performance and visitor response. Over the next month we will be optimizing and making any additional changes we find necessary. We have carried out our simplicity strategy over to the rest of our site and we will let you discover for yourself. If you would like to share your thoughts or comments we would be happy to here them.


Wild Wing Training Centre

We are getting very close to completion of our new Wild Wing training Center and are happy to share some of the details and features that will be included.

Every client will have access to the new training center which will become the new hub for growing your online business. Along with the custom training videos for every site, we will be providing open discussion, file sharing, marketing advise and more. Following is a list of everything that will be included on the initial release.

training Center Features

  • Custom Training Videos for quick & easy web updates
  • General videos for those who want to explore and do more with their website
  • Custom resources, files and links for each video
  • Free and paid marketing services
  • Marketing Videos
  • Support Forms